Call for Papers

Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science theme issue on:
Framework-rules for self-organizing cities 

This special issue aims to further the debate on how formal planning rules can guide and influence the spontaneous evolution and dynamics of self-organizing cities. We look forward to original, high-quality contributions that 1) explore the implications of self-organizing cities to planning rules; 2) analyze the tension between stable and proscriptive rules and the emergence of unpredictable socio-spatial dynamics; 3) propose innovative ways in which planning rules can guide both the actions of urban actors and for the policies and tactics by which urban planners aim to influence these actions.

  • Edited by Ward Rauws (Department of Spatial Planning and Environment, Univeristy of Groningen), Stefano Cozzolino (Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development, Aachen), Stefano Moroni (Department of Archtecture and Urbanism, Politechnico Milano)

  • Abstract submission deadline: June 1st 2018 

  • To appear 2019

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Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science theme issue on:
Big Data, Spatial Optimization and Planning 

Guest Editors: Kai Cao (National University of Singapore), Wenwen Li (Arizona State University) and Richard Church (University of California at Santa Barbara)

This special issue aims to link spatial optimization with big data in support of both long-term and real-time planning for cities and the environment. Big data, which has become increasingly available from IoT devices, smart phones, sensor networks etc., will and is significantly changing the way that spatial optimization techniques are utilized in various planning tasks. We look forward to original, high-quality manuscripts that capture the latest advancements in integrating big data, spatial optimization and planning. 

  • Abstract submission deadline: Extended to May 15th 2018

  • To appear late 2019

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