EPE Aims and Scope

Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space is an interdisciplinary journal of nature-society scholarship. International in scope, the journal welcomes theoretically robust, empirically rich research from an array of fields including political ecology, environmental justice, science and technology studies, conservation and the environmental humanities. The journal proposes to push the ways we understand the uneven, dynamic, and often unjust intersections of nature and space with particular interest in their societal, political, and economic dimensions. We accept work from across the social sciences, humanities and critical biophysical approaches, and are especially interested in research that engages feminist, anti-colonial, antiracist, queer, posthumanist, and heterodox and alternative economic approaches. Themes of particular interest include: the relationships between economic and environmental transformation; justice-based environmental movements; environmental governance; resource politics; intersections between social difference and environmental issues; the politics of environmental knowledge; and critical engagement with debates concerning the Anthropocene, 'environmental crises' and global environmental change.