EPE 50th Anniversary Collection





The Editors of Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space have created this Editors' Choice Collection to celebrate 50 years of the Environment and Planning journals. All articles below are free to access in 2018.









Neoliberalising nature: the logics of deregulation and regulation
Noel Castree
EPA 40(1), 2008

Back to the land: the paradox of organic food standards
Julie Guthman
EPA 36(3), 2004

Gender and environment: critical tradition and new challenges
Roberta Hawkins et al
EPD 29(2), 2011

Devolution in the woods: community forestry as hybrid neoliberalism
James McCarthy
EPA 37(6), 2005

Sanitation in Mumbai's informal settlements: state, 'slum' and infrastructure
Colin McFarlane
EPA 40(1), 2008

Beyond the ABC: climate change policy and theories of social change
Elizabeth Shove
EPA 42(6), 2010

Caring for the collective: biopower and agential subjectification in wildlife conservation
Krithika Srinivasan
EPD 32(3), 2014

'States' of scarcity: water, space, and identity politics in Israel, 1948-59
Samer Alatout
EPD 26(6), 2008

Selling nature to save it? Biodiversity and green developmentalism
Kathleen McAfee
EPD 17(2), 1999

Exploring political ecologies of water and development
Jessica Budds and Farhana Sultana
EPD 31(2), 2013