EPD 50th Anniversary Collection





The Editors of Environment and Planning D: Society and Space have created this Editors' Choice Collection to celebrate 50 years of the Environment and Planning journals. All articles below are free to access in 2018.








Urban theory with an outside
Tariq Jazeel
OnlineFirst, May 2017

Digitize and punish: Computerized crime mapping and racialized carceral power in Chicago
Brian Jordan Jefferson
35(5), 2017

How does a settler state secure the circuitry of capital?
Shiri Pasternak, Tia Dafnos
Online First, June 2017

Fetal citizens? Birthright citizenship, reproductive futurism and the 'panic' over Chinese birth tourism in southern California 
Sean H Wang
35(2), 2017

Peripheral urbanization: Autoconstruction, transversal logics, and politics in cities of the global south
Teresa PR Caldeira
35(1), 2017

The politics of human shielding: On the resignification of space and the constitution of civilians as shield in liberal wars
Neve Gordon, Nicola Perugini
34(1), 2016

The commons: Infrastructures for troubling times
Lauren Berlant
34(3), 2016

Spatial big data and anxieties of control
Agnieszka Leszczynski
33(6), 2015

The state of exception and the imperial way of life in the United States-Mexico borderlands
Juanita Sundberg
33(2), 2015

From toxic wreck to crunchy chic: Environmental gentrification through the body
Leslie Kern
33(1), 2015