EPB 50th Anniversary Collection





The Editors of Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science have created this Editors' Choice Collection to celebrate 50 years of the Environment and Planning journals. All articles below are free to access in 2018.








An alternative approach to the calculation and analysis of connectivity in the world city network
Stefan Hennemann, Ben Derudder
41(3), 2014

Real-geographic-scenario-based virtual social environments: integrating geography with social research
Min Chen, Hui Lin, Mingyuan Hu, Li He, Chunxiao Zhang
40(6), 2013

From axial to road-centre lines: a new representation for space syntax and a new model of route choice for transport network analysis
Alasdair Turner
34(3), 2007

Social networks, mobility biographies, and travel: survey challenges
K W Axhausen
35(6), 2008

Policy and planning for large-infrastructure projects: problems, causes, cures
Bent Flyvbjerg
34(4), 2007

Eigenplaces: analysing cities using the space-time structure of the mobile phone network
Jonathan Reades, Francesco Calabrese, Carlo Ratti
36(5), 2009

Strategic (spatial) planning reexamined
Louis Albrechts
31(5), 2004

Topological analysis of urban street networks
Bin Jiang, Christophe Claramunt
31(1), 2004

Measures of spatial accessibility to health care in a GIS environment: synthesis and a case study in the Chicago region
Wei Luo, Fahui Wang
30(6), 2003

How good is volunteered geographical information? A comparative study of OpenStreetMap and Ordnance Survey datasets
Mordechai Haklay
37(4), 2010