EPA 50th Anniversary Collection





The Editors of Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space have created this Editors' Choice Collection to celebrate 50 years of the Environment and Planning journals. All articles below are free to access in 2018.









Professionalisation, Activism, and the University: Whither ‘Critical Geography’?
Noel Castree
32(6), 2000

Trajectories of Neighborhood Change: The Case of Gentrification
R A Beauregard
22(7), 1990

Industrial Linkage and the Segmented Economy: 1. Some Theoretical Proposals
M J Taylor, N J Thrift
14(12), 1982

The Political Place of Locality Studies
D Massey
23(2), 1991

Actor-Networks and the Evolution of Economic Forms: Combining Description and Explanation in Theories of Regulation, Flexible Specialization, and Networks
J Murdoch
27(5), 1995

Spatialities of globalization
Ash Amin
34(3), 2002

The elusive concept of localization economies: towards a knowledge-based theory of spatial clustering
Anders Malmberg, Peter Maskell
34(3), 2002

Owner-occupation: at home with a hybrid of money and materials
Susan J Smith
40(3), 2008

Blood, Thicker than Water: Interpersonal Relations and Taiwanese Investment in Southern China
Y Hsing
28(12), 1996

The new mobilities paradigm
Mimi Sheller, John Urry
38(2), 2006