Environment and Planning

First published in June 1969, the first issue of Environment and Planning was one of two issues that year. An immediate success, the journal quickly expanded, spawning a second series, Environment and Planning B in 1974 and adding Environment and Planning C and D in the 1980s. The launch of Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space in 2018 speaks to the extraordinary vitality of this family of journals, as well as to the remarkable contributions that the Environment and Planning series has made to the interdisciplinary study of space; the stuff of not only of human geography but today a matter of concern for a growing number of related social-science disciplines.

These achievements are those of the community of researchers, readers, reviewers that has grown up around, and with, the Environment and Planning journals. To celebrate this, and 50 years of Environment and Planning, we have invited the editors of the suite of journals, including the newly appointed editors of EPE: Nature and Space, to make a selection of articles from the now-extensive back catalogue. To mark the 50th anniversary, we are making each of these 50 articles free to access throughout 2018. We will continue to augment and develop this new website in the coming months, so that it can become a conversation space for the multidisciplinary communities that engage with the Environment and Planning journals. Please celebrate 50 years with us!